Program Overview

The goal of the Community Seniors Care Program is to provide frail seniors with assessments and on-going support from an interdisciplinary team to help participants stay safe and healthy in the community. The program aims to support participants’ health goals while providing comprehensive and up to date health information to their health care providers. The interdisciplinary team may consist of; Nurse Practitioner, Occupational Therapist, Registered Nurse and/or Social Worker

Topics Covered at Appointments

  • Your overall health status
  • Possible memory changes
  • Balance
  • Mood changes
  • Cognition (thinking skills)
  • Activities of daily living

How do I Register?

Participants need to be referred by a healthcare professional. Speak to your doctor or other healthcare professional if you are interested in having yourself or a loved one participate in this program.

Do you have Questions?

Call 705-526-7804 ext 236 or Ext 240

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