children’s mental health

program overview

The Family Health Team Physician or Primary Care Provider works in collaboration with a Registered Social Worker to increase access to child and youth mental health services and increase early detection and intervention of child and youth mental health problems. 1 in 5 kids struggles with their mental health. A comprehensive assessment directs treatment options. The length and type of service provided depends on the nature of the presenting issues, but is typically brief in nature. .

Services include:

  • Individual and family therapy
  • Group work as available, for example Adolescent Skill Building Groups are offered regularly
  • Referrals for psychiatric evaluation can be accessed through the Hospital for Sick Children, Sunnybrook Hospital and Waypoint’s Transitional Age Youth (TAY) Program as appropriate.
  • Collaboration with community partners including schools, CAS or children’s mental agencies.


when to seek help


Younger Children:

  • Marked fall in school performance
  • Severe worry or anxiety, as shown by regular refusal to go to school, go to sleep or take part in activities that are normal for the child’s age
  • Frequent physical complaints
  • Hyperactivity, fidgeting, constant movement or difficulty paying attention
  • Frequent, unexplainable temper tantrums
  • Persistent disobedience or aggression (longer than 6 months)

Pre-Adolescents and Adolescents

  • Self-injury or self destructive behavior
  • Strange thoughts, beliefs, feelings or unusual behaviors
  • Repeated use of alcohol or drugss
  • Intense fear of becoming obese, excessive dieting, throwing up or using laxatives
  • Inability to cope with problems and daily activities
  • Marked changes in sleeping and/or eating
  • Sexual acting out
  • Depression as shown by sustained, prolonged negative mood and attitude or severe mood swings.